Aging Testing Solutions

Aging Testing Solution

LVDS Signal Pattern Generator Card Model 27010P-04+A270154

  • OCP/OVP/UCP/UVP protection mechanisms.
  • Signal complies to the LVDS specifications and standards.
  • Supports 1 / 2 / 4CH LVDS output.
  • Configurable to 6 / 8 / 10 bits.

eDP Signal Pattern Generator Card Model 27010P-04+A270152

  • OCP/OVP/UCP/UVP protection mechanisms
  • Signal complies to the eDP 1.4 specifications and standards
  • Supports 1 / 2 / 4 lane eDP output
  • Supports 2 sets of independent AUX and HPD channels

Pattern Generator Card Model 27010P-02+67396

  • support 4 channels and LVDS/TTL/SPI/MCU signals output (each signal power has independent on/off switch)
  • Provide software application to control all test programs and signal power parameters (Timing/Pattern/Power/Program)
  • Support LVDS output bandwidth to 2 link 270 MHz x 4ch
  • Support TTL up to 1366x768 @60Hz

Signal Generator Card Model 2701007

  • 2 Channel sequence up to 270Mhz
  • Provide over current protection for VDD/VBL
  • Support VBL /Vdim light adjustment
  • LED shows the present work status

Pattern Generator Card Model 2701020

  • 2 Channel, 4 Channel Programmable
  • Output 2 channel / 2 sets at the same time
  • 4 Channel sequence up to 330Mhz
  • LED to show work status at present

eDP BIST Module Model A270149

  • Support eDP to enter BIST mode for signal setting.
  • Provide VDD/VBL power setting.
  • Provide VDD/VBL over current protection.
  • Integrate with PG Master software for parameters setting

Flicker Measuring Probe for LCM ATS Model A712306

  • The Chroma A712306 Flicker Measuring Probe for LCM ATS is specifically designed for adjusting the flicker on LCM automatically following the FMA(Flicker Modulation Amplitude) standards defined by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) and JEITA( Japan Electronics Information Technology Industries Association) for flicker measurement.

eDP Generator Model A270141

  • Support eDP enter BIST mode setting signal
  • VDD/VBL power supply setting provided
  • VDD/VBL provides OCP function

DC Power Supply for LCM Burn-in Applications Model 67300 series

  • High Power Density (464mW / cm3 )
  • Remote Sense, 1V Line Loss Compensation
  • Remote RS-485 Interface Control
  • Cost-effective